Canada Invites Skilled Immigrants – Apply Now

Canada Invites Skilled Immigrants – Apply Now

Canada is among a few countries that are most generous to immigrants.

Though a meager percentage of Canadians have a contrary view, arguing that most immigrants are not aligned with the Canadian values. In 2015 Canada introduced highly effective and selective procedures in selecting highly qualified candidates to become permanent residents in Canada.

This method replaced the old first-come first-serve immigration system to a more robust procedure.

The Canadian Express Entry system is a simplified immigration process, this process allows prospective immigrants to create a profile in Express Entry.

Applicants profiles are ranked against each other, and a point based system termed Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used to award accumulated points to the candidates profile based on these factors



Work Experience


language skills

Federal Skilled Worker Class: Under this program, applicants are expected to have full time working experience of over 1 year. Has excellent Language skill, proficiency in either English or French. Posses a positive educational equivalent assessment test and has to be financially fit to carry cater his expenses.

Federal Skilled Trades Class: Applicants under this category must be able to prove to the Canadian authorities that he/she has sufficient work experience, Proficient in either English, French, can fulfill the educational requirement, and is financially buoyant.

Canadian Experience Class: This program offers permanent residency to candidates who have practical work experience in Canada at-least on the year. This helps retain talented workers in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs: Candidates are nominated by provinces who find their profile impressive and wants them to move to their province. The immigrants are expected to stay live, work and contribute to the development of the province.

Inadmissibility To Canada

Some immigrants have their applications rejected on the grounds of inadmissibility. The Canadian government deals seriously with this issue. You can be inadmissible into Canada if you pose a security or health risk or have been involved in misrepresentation. Applicants with criminal inadmissibility into Canada can hire the service of an immigration lawyer to help argue their case for criminal rehabilitation.

Express Entry: How To Apply

Before creating your Express Entry profile, you need to ascertain if you are eligible by filling the free online assessment form. The assessment is on the human capital factor. After your eligibility is confirmed you can proceed to create your profile which will be ranked by the Express Entry CRS. You should endeavor to make your profile stand out and be impressive. The Canadian Express Entry is fiercely competitive, once you are certain you can fulfill the requirements, you should complete an Express Entry profile. Candidates who meet the province’s requirements will be issued an invitation to apply (ITA), a gesture that shows the province is impressed and wants you to bring your expertise to their province. Ensure you score impressively in your language ability test, if your academic credentials are not equivalent to Canadian standard, get an upgrade. Be financially buoyant to cater for your financial responsibilities, pay every required fee and do not withhold any information. Misrepresentation is a serious offense. If you receive a valid job offer and positive LMIA from a Canadian employer, your chances of success have increased, additional points will be added to your CRS points.

You can enlist the service of a professional immigration expert if after twelve months your application is unsuccessful, it is also advisable to work on your perceived weakness and improve on yourself, skills before re-applying.

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