If you like egg rolls, this is amazing

If you like egg rolls, this is amazing

Homemade Egg Rolls are a favorite around here, when we go for dinner, egg rolls is one of my favorite things to order! Making egg rolls is easy so easy and everyone loves them!

What’s in an Egg Roll?

These egg rolls are filled with a pork and veggie filling and while the recipe doesn’t call for bean sprouts, I sometimes enjoy adding them as well!


I bag coleslaw mix

1 lb pork sausage

2 cloves garlic minced (or garlic powder)

1 tsp ground ginger

Salt to taste

1/4 c onion diced


Brown the sausage in a large skillet and add the other ingredients right on top.

Cover and cook on the stovetop for about 5 min on med. remove lid, stir/toss, and taste.

Finish to your taste/texture preference.